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1.  Applicants interested in being considered as contestants must submit a CD, DVD, or cassette tape along with the completed application form and a non-refundable application fee of one hundred and fifty US dollars (US$ 150.00).
2.  All recordings must be postmarked no later than April 15, 2011.
3.  Recordings will not be returned.
4.  The length of the program must not exceed the time limits specified for each Division:

                                      Elementary School:  10 minutes
                                      Middle School: 15 minutes
                                      High School: 20 minutes
                                      Amateur Adults: 20 minutes
                                      College/Adult Students: 25 minutes

5.  Please note: Recordings should be a fair representation of the Contestant's abilities, but need not be professional quality.
6. The final selection of winners will be based solely on the recordings submitted. When sending recordings, please be sure to sign and include the attached statement certifying that the Solo Division program is being performed from memory. (Ensemble Division repertoire can be played with a score.) Winners will be notified of their acceptance no later than May 3, 2011. Only recordings in the CD, DVD, or cassette formats are acceptable.
7.  Please print out the Application and Statement of Certification below.  Be sure to fill out all applicable information, and sign where appropriate.
8.  Mail Application along with your recording and check or international money order, made payable to Bradshaw & Buono International. Please see the application for information on wire transfers.

Cosmo Buono, Artistic Director
Bradshaw & Buono
International Piano Competition
244 Madison Avenue
Suite 300
New York, NY  10016-2819